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About Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice is working hard to reconnect people and planet, to provide a better understanding of the world around us and our role in that world. We will do so through information and education and where necessary direct action.

We will work to provide a better environment for all species. We recognise that human and ecological communities are of equal importance.

We recognise that a fair and equitable natural and social environment can only be achieved through full public participation, through informed consensus.

We will not hesitate to expose local injustice, to root out corrupt politicians.

Although based in the Blackwater Valley, we recognise that in a global environment we are all interconnected, our actions affect people and environments across the world.

We recognise the damage to people and planet caused by global corporations and the process of globalisation and the role being played by the World Trade Organisation. We put people before profit.

We operate within the basic principles of environmental justice as adopted at the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, Washington DC, October 1991.

In a Gaian network no one person is any more important than the next, no single species more important than another.

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