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Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

Communique 12 July 2000

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Parliamentary Select Committee Damns Ilisu Dam Project

Today (12 July 2000), the Trade and Industry Select Committee issued a damning report on the government being minded to underwrite the Ilisu Dam with £200 million of taxpayers money.

The Select Committee has taken on board everything we have said about the undesirability of this dam. They were highly critical of the disregard for human rights and environmental issues.

Patricia Hewitt responded on behalf of the government. She claimed Turkey had a resettlement programme, that local people were being consulted. Driving people out of their homes at gunpoint and razing their villages to the ground is not a resettlement programme, any Kurd who dares challenge the Turkish government is arrested, beaten and tortured.

We regard as a sick joke Hewitt's claim for British involvement is the concern over human rights.

In addition to all the compelling reasons for not going ahead with the dam, we would question whether Balfour Beatty, prime contractor, is a fit company to be in receipt of taxpayer support. Balfour Beatty is on trial in Lesotho for bribery and corruption, their offices in the US were recently raided by the FBI for fraud.

We support the Select Committee in their conclusions and call upon the British government to withdraw their support for this project.

Please see BVEJ Urgent Action #0002 15 June 2000.

We will be looking at the Ilisu Damn in the August newsletter.

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BVEJ Communique 12 July 2000
Published by Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

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