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Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

Newsletter June 2004


Fighting injustice in the Backwater Valley and across the world.

Please circulate this newsletter to your friends and colleagues.

Local elections June 2004

LibDems are crawling all over south Farnborough. We have not seen them since the last elections.

Peter Sandy is standing in Aldershot. He has done a lot of work for the local community. Please get out and vote for him.

	Peter Sandy		YES

Also in Aldershot, two Green candidates are standing. Please give them your vote.

Otherwise, vote Independent, if it does not damage any of the above.

Candidates not to vote for:

	Alistair McKie		NO
	Peter Moyle		NO
	Sue Dibble		NO
	Eddie Poole		NO
	John Mathews		NO

In Hart, several Independents are standing. They have been working with the local community over the last year. Please give them your vote.

European elections June 2004

In the south east region vote for Caroline Lucas. Caroline is one of the few decent people in politics and we must see her re-elected.

	Caroline Lucas		YES

Elsewhere, vote Green, UKIP, or RESPECT.

D Day

The most moving account was that of an eldely veteran who walked into a cafe in Normandy. All the young kids stood up to shake his hand and thank him. If it had been in England the most likely reaction would have been to kick him to the ground and rob him.

We are often falsely told EU has stopped war in Europe. No, it was that sanity broke out, the realisation that the next war in Europe would destroy us all, that has led to peace.

We are the first generation that has not had to go to war.

But this should not be seen as no war. Europeans now fight proxy wars in other countries.

Ronald Reagan

Why the accolades?

Reagan launched an illegal war on Nicaragua, unprovoked attacks on Grenada and Libya, sent death squads into Central America to destroy democracy, created a massive trillion dollar Federal deficit, transferred money from the poor to the rich, took politics to the far right.....

Reagan is often credited with ending the Cold War. No, he hotted it up. He simply reacted positively to the approaches from Russia.

We are told Reagan brought freedom to the world. Ask the people of Central America what they think of Reagan's freedom.

Farnborough town centre

Since Christmas several more shops have closed down or gone out of business. Including Dixons, the latest to close its doors.

Wednesday evening 2 June 2004, Rushmoor granted outline planning consent for the town centre redevelopment. Several of the councillors who spoke had a vested interest, including Sue Dibble, Charlie Fraser-Fleming, and Roger Kimber, all of whom are board members of Pavilion. Pavilion are trying to kick out its tenants so they can make a few million by selling the land to KPI.

The Standards Board for England is expected to launch an investigation. Further legal action is expected.

Saturday afternoon 5 June 2004, Keith Parkins was attacked by the owner of Clarris Cliffe (shop selling over-priced pretentious rubbish in Kingsmead) as he walked through the town centre. He was viciously kicked by the owner of the shop. The matter is currently under police investigation.

Keith Parkins, Sell out of Farnborough town centre, Indymedia UK, 5 June 2004

Farnborough Airshow

A massive demonstration is planned for the Airshow in July.

Check out Indymedia UK or CAAT for more information.


Check out our on-line diary for information.

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BVEJ News June 2004
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