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Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice Urgent Actions

Fighting environmental injustice in the Blackwater Valley and across the world.

Farnborough Town Centre

The Secretary of State for Transport is poised to sign a stopping up order under section 247 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) for a large area of highway in Farnborough town centre. You have 28 days in which to object, starting from 8 August 2003.

16 August 2003

Farnborough Airport

All airports designated by the Secretary of State are required to establish an airport consultative committee, or some form of consultation, if a committee is not seen as the appropriate forum for consultation. The airport management are the body responsible for establishing the commitee, but once established it has to be independent of the airport. The government has issued guidelines for the structure and running of these committees.

The one exception is Farnborough Airport. TAG Aviation, managers of Farnborough, have refused to establish a committee, or accept any responsibility for establishing a committee. Instead an illegitimate committee has been established by Rushmoor Borough Council - a committee that does not follow government guidelines, and fails to meet either the Civil Aviation Act or the Fairoaks ruling.

The next meeting of the illegitimate Rushmoor committee will be at 2pm Thursday afternoon 17 July 2003, at the BAE Systems HQ alongside the airport. It is important that this meeting is well attended by the public.

12 July 2003

Baku-Ceyhan Campaign

120 days to stops banks using YOUR money to pay for big oil.

BP has now formally asked for funding from the World Bank (IFC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for its controversial new Caspian oil pipeline. This means there are just 120 days before their decision is made. The banks call this 120 days the ‘public consultation period’ – so we all get a chance let them know what we think of the BTC pipeline.

The only thing which stands between Big Oil getting your money and setting a precedent against funding these types of projects is YOU!

10 July 2003

Treaty of Nice

An EU Intergovernmental Conference (IGC 2000) is due to take place in Nice next month (7-8 December 2000) to review the Amsterdam Treaty (the one after Maastricht). It will force through a number of controversial measures which will go much further than Maastricht in setting up a European superstate.

Please write to Secretary of State Stephen Byers, with copies to your MP and MEP, opposing this transfer of power.

17 November 2000

Farnborough Airport -- Mass Demo

Mass Demo to oppose the development of Farnborough Airport. Three SSSIs will be destroyed, 80 acres of trees felled, widespread environmental damage. Meet near Forester's Pub, Aldershot Road, Church Crookham. 10am, Saturday 28 October 2000. 01252 675231

Ideal opportunity to forge links with local community, establish a protest camp.

22 October 2000

Slyfield Waste Incinerator

The Slyfield Waste Incinerator is one of three incinerators earmarked for Surrey. An operational licence is required from the Environment Agency (environment and health). Surrey are the planning authority.

Deadline for objections: Environment Agency, end of October; Surrey CC, 22 December 2000.

10 October 2000

Globalisation -- Seattle Anniversary

Last year saw riots on the streets of Seattle to protest at the WTO. Early this year The Ecologist published a Mori poll which showed widespread opposition to the WTO and globalisation. The anniversary of the riots gives the opportunity for some street action and raising public awareness through a repeat of the survey.

10 October 2000

TAG planning application

At a special planning meeting Rushmoor granted approval to the TAG planning application for a Business Airport at Farnborough (28,000 movements, 80 tonne). As the approval breached the Local Plan limit of 50 tonnes the application has to be placed before Secretary of State John Prescott. Objectors have three weeks in which to ask Prescott for a Public Inquiry. Deadline: 26 September 2000.

15 September 2000

Trees in the flight path

TAG and MoD are trying to pull a fast one. MoD are attempting to use their reserve powers, Land Powers (Defence) Act (1958), to cut down trees in the flight path at the eastern end of Farnborough Airfield, ie within residential Farnborough. This is an area very approximately bounded by Church Road East and Canterbury Road, and an undetermined distance the other side of Farnborough College of Technology. Virtually all the trees in the college grounds will be destroyed. MoD are effectively trail blazing for TAG. TAG lacks these reserve powers.

Landowners can say no. This will force a public inquiry with a delay of up to a year. Rushmoor have said yes to the waiving of TPOs, yes to destruction of trees on the public highway. Destruction of trees on the public highway will start on 15 August 2000. Only direct action can protect these trees.

12 August 2000

TAG planning application

The TAG planning application for development of Farnborough Airfield (more movements, heavier aircraft) will be placed before a special planning committee that will meet at 7 pm on 30 August 2000. Please make the effort to attend. Please lobby councillors hard.

28 July 2000

Drop the Debt

At the G8 Summit in Cologne last year a promise was made to drop the debt of the world's poorest countries. That promise has not been kept. The G8 leaders are meeting this weekend in Okinawa (21-23 July 2000). Please e-mail or fax the G8 leaders and tell them to Drop the Debt.

22 July 2000

Balfour Beatty AGM

The last Balfour Beatty AGM held in May ended in chaos and finally had to be abandoned. The board were not used to answering critical questions from their shareholders. You too can be present at the reconvened AGM. The Ilisu Dam Campaign are inviting people to buy shares in the company so they too can join in the fun at the reconvened AGM. You presence as a shareholder is required to protest at Balfour Beatty's involvement in the Ilisu Dam.

17 July 2000

Rushmoor Local Plan

Thursday 29 June 2000, the modified Local Plan was placed beforethe full council where an overwhelming majority of councillors followingthe recommendations from committee voted for immediate adoption ofthe modified Local Plan. Unless there are objections and the Secretary ofState calls in the modified Local Plan it will come into effect on 4 August2000 opening the door for the TAG planning application. We are askingeveryone to join us in a call for a second Local Inquiry to enable all thefacts to be tested in an independent forum. Please write to GOSE askingthat the Secretary of State calls in the Local Plan and grants a secondPublic Inquiry. Deadline for objections 4 August 2000.

14 July 2000

Attacks on democracy

Two pieces of draconian legislation are being pushed throughParliament by Jack Straw that will seriously curtail democracy within the UK. Activists will be redefined as terrorists, the desire for privacy incyberspace will become a criminal offence. Please write to your MP opposing thislegalisation.

14 July 2000

Ilisu Dam

As part of their war of genocide against the Kurds, Turkey areplanning on building the Ilisu Dam which will flood the heartland of Turkishoccupied Kurdistan. Kurds are being evicted at gunpoint, their villagesraised to the ground. The 10,000 year old city of Hasankeyf will bedestroyed. The Ilisu Dam will enable Turkey to control the flow of the Tigris,thus enabling Turkey to deny water to Iraq and Syria. A potentialtrigger point for the next Middle East War. In contravention of their own'ethical foreign policy' the UK government will be providing the funding.

Please write to Prime Minister Tony Blair, Trade SecretaryStephen Byers and Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, objecting to UK funding of thisproject.

15 June 2000

Farnborough Airport

Rushmoor Borough Council will be meeting at 7pm on 29 June 2000to rubber-stamp changes to the Local Plan which will ease TAG'splanning application and be damaging to the local environment. Theserecommendations ignore the safeguards put in place by the Planning Inspector. There will be a planning committee meeting ten days before the councilmeeting, 7pm on 19 June 2000. Please make the effort to attend bothmeetings, and please lobby your councillors. And if you have not already doneso lodge an objection to the changes that are being proposed to the LocalPlan.

15 June 2000

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