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Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

Urgent Action 15 June 2000

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Farnborough Airport

Rushmoor Borough Council will be meeting at 7pm on 29 June 2000 to rubber-stamp changes to the Local Plan which will ease TAG's planning application and be damaging to the local environment. These recommendations ignore the safeguards put in place by the Planning Inspector. There will be a planning committee meeting ten days before the council meeting, 7pm on 19 June 2000. Please make the effort to attend both meetings, and please lobby your councillors.

Thanks to the lack of publicity, only 97 objections have been received to the Rushmoor changes, about 3/4 airfield related. If you have not yet objected please send your objections to Rushmoor Borough Council. Key points were increase in flying, increased noise levels and relaxation of the Public Safety Zone.

Send objections to:

	Keith Holland
	Head of Planning
	Rushmoor Borough Council

A detailed discussion of the changes to the Local Plan:

BVFoE maintain a useful site on the airfield:

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BVEJ Urgent Action 15 June 2000
Published by Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

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