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Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

Urgent Action 14 July 2000

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Rushmoor Local Plan

Monday 19 June 2000, Rushmoor Borough Council held a planning meeting. Without any debate or discussion it voted to recommend immediate adoption of the modified Local Plan. Thursday 29 June 2000, the modified Local Plan was placed before the full council where an overwhelming majority of councillors following the recommendations from committee voted for immediate adoption of the modified Local Plan. Unless there are objections and the Secretary of State calls in the modified Local Plan it will come into effect on 4 August 2000 opening the door for the TAG planning application.

We are now asking everyone to join us in a call for a second Local Inquiry to enable all the facts to be tested in an independent forum. Please write to GOSE asking that the Secretary of State calls in the Local Plan and grants a second Public Inquiry.

	Director of Planning
	Hampshire & Isle of Wight
	Government Office for the South East
	Bridge House
	1 Walnut Tree Close
	Surrey  GU1 4GA

	tel 01483 882 300
	fax 01483 882 339

Deadline for objections is 4 August 2000.

To help you a number of resources are available: a detailed briefing prepared by BVEJ, a brief guidance note prepared by FFAG and a standard letter which you can use if you don't wish to write your own.

BVEJ newsletter #0002 July 2000 has an account of the meetings referred to above. BVEJ Farnborough Airfield page has more detailed information on the airfield campaign.

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BVEJ Urgent Action 14 July 2000
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