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Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

Urgent Action 28 July 2000

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TAG planning application

The TAG planning application for development of Farnborough Airfield (more movements, heavier aircraft) will be placed before a special planning committee that will meet at 7 pm on 30 August 2000. The agenda should be available from 25 August 2000.

You should make every effort to attend to ensure that councillors are aware of the strength of opposition to this plan. You should lobby your councillors hard.

If you have not lodged an objection, or have further points to add, please send these immediately to Rushmoor Head of Planning Keith Holland.

	Keith Holland
	Head of Planning
	Rushmoor Borough Council
	Farnborough Road
	Hants  GU14 7JU

	tel 01252 398790
	fax 01252 524017

The application will put residential Farnborough at greater risk from an air crash, lead to widespread environmental damage (several SSSIs at risk, rare and endangered species at risk, habitat damage, loss of local trees), increase in noise, traffic congestion and air pollution, increase in greenhouse gases. There will be no benefit to the local community and it will be the local community which will suffer a decrease in the quality of life.

CAAT will be holding an Alternative Airshow in Farnborough all day on the last day of the Airshow. Sunday 30 July 2000, below the foot bridge crossing main Farnborough Road, near Cross Street.

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BVEJ Urgent Action 28 July 2000
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