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Blackwater Valley Environmental Justice

Urgent Action 10 October 2000

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Slyfield Waste Incinerator

The Slyfield Waste Incinerator is one of three incinerators earmarked for Surrey. Surrey County Council has a contract for waste disposal with French Company SITA, which includes incineration of waste. SITA wish to build two incinerators at Redhill and Capel. Thames Waste Management (owned by Thames Water) wish to build a waste incinerator at Slyfield on the edge of Guildford.

An operational licence is required from the Environment Agency (environment and health). Surrey are the planning authority. Waste disposal and minerals are handled at the County level because they have regional implications.

The plant will be visually intrusive, on the edge of Green Belt, put the local residents at risk with dioxins and heavy metals, generate heavy traffic flows.

The deadlines for objections to the TWM Slyfield Incinerator are 13 October 2000 for Surrey County Council (late objections will be considered up to the planning meeting), end of October 2000 for Environment Agency.

	Slyfield Incinerator		Roger Hargreaves
	Environment Agency		Head of Planning
	PO Box 143			Environment Department
	Camberley			Surrey County Council
	Surrey  GU16 5WA		County Hall, Penrhyn Road
					Kingston Upon Thames
					Surrey  KT1 2DY

Note: Surrey CC deadline has been extended to 22 December 2000.

Plans are available for viewing in Guildford BC, Woking BC and Guildford Library. A non-technical summary is available from Surrey CC, and is also on the web.

[see BVEJ briefing Slyfield Waste Incinerator, or BVEJ newsletter #0005 October 2000 for more information]

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BVEJ Urgent Action 10 October 2000
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